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Fat Cells Can Be Retrained!


Sports aesthetics® is a term coined by Dr Ivan Puah based on the three pillars of a combination of unique service offerings — to help fitness enthusiasts, sportspeople and professional athletes attain their ideal physiques without compromising the quality of their physical health.


Let us help you improve on what you've been working on and regain what you were not supposed to lose.

Bring back skin's glow & clarity

Benefits: Those experiencing sun damage, rashes, pigmentation and photoaging from working out in the sun.

Suitable for: Runners, Cyclists, Outdoor, Water sports enthusiasts


Bring back volume & youthfulness

Benefits: Those who lost a substantial amount of facial fat due to intense cardio workouts, causing them to look aged and haggard.

Suitable for: Runners, HIIT enthusiasts


Bring back lost collagen & lift skin

Benefits: Those who want to achieve lifted and firmer skin non-surgically and to stimulate new collagen in the body naturally.

Suitable for: Those experiencing collagen loss


Redefine your abs & waistline

Benefits: Those who want to achieve a sculpted body figure while creating more muscular definition that hours of weightlifting and HIIT sessions, and lean diet cannot attain.

Suitable for: Those who want look more muscular


Bring back defined jawline & chin

Benefits: Those with excess and stubborn facial fat pockets due to age or hereditary, weak chin and chipmunk cheeks.

Suitable for: Those who want to achieve sculpted facial profile


Remove stubborn body fat

Benefits: Those who cannot get rid of excess fat despite dieting and exercise. Or those with a disproportionate body shape that affects their body confidence.

Suitable for:
Men and women


Remove moobs & get sculpted chest

Benefits: Men suffering from gynecomastia, a medical condition that needs surgical intervention. It affects 60 to 70% of men, including sports enthusiasts and athletes.

Suitable for:
Those who want a masculine chest


Regain lost breast volume & shape

Benefits: Those who experience breast size shrinking due to fat loss due to overexercising, breastfeeding, or simply ageing.

Suitable for: Women who want to increase cup size and create subtle lifting

Due to strict regulations from the Ministry of Health, licensed healthcare practices in Singapore are not allowed to show and share before-and-after photos or videos in the public domain (websites, social media, magazines) or through any form of push technology such as Whatsapp, SMS, MMs, Facebook messenger, and other messaging platforms. “Before-and-after” or only “after” treatment photographs, pictures, videos, and films relating to a treatment may be shown to patients privately during in-clinic consultation with Dr. Ivan Puah.

Vacuum Pod Workout
& Manual Lymphatic
Drainage Massage

The vacuum pod workout was designed by Austrian Sports Scientist, and it was imported by Amaris B. Clinic to help clients improve venous circulation for overall health. When combined with our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, patients can achieve improved blood circulation and immune system.
Vacuum Pod Workout & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Amaris B. Vacuum Pod Workout uses Vacuum Compression Therapy. The cycles of positive and negative pressure aid in improving circulation. The volume of an elastic vessel can be increased by the application of a vacuum force on its outer wall. In the negative pressure phase of Vacuum Compression Therapy, the vacuum force is exerted on the extremities and its vessels. In the positive pressure phase, venous drainage is facilitated. Thus the alteration of positive and negative pressure promotes increased arterial and capillary circulation and better venous drainage. 

Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)
 helps stimulate the functions of the body's secondary circulation, the lymphatic system. Doing MLD regularly encourages the removal and filtering of waste, toxins, and excess fluids from cells and boosts the body. It also works on the autonomic nervous system to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Conditions such as cellulite, post-liposuction swelling, tiredness, stress, general fluid retention and many others can benefit from MLD.

Sports Rehabilitation
& Pain Management

Sports injuries are bumps on the road towards your goals but don’t let them grind your efforts to a halt.
Ultrasound & Electrotherapy

Waves & Vibrations Therapy

Waves & Vibrations Therapy utilise ultrasound and electrotherapy  to reduce tissue inflammation and speed up healing from deep within.

Hand Rejuvenation Fat Grafting-Amaris B Clinic Dr Ivan Puah

Dry Needling

A modern therapy administered by myotherapists, to relieve pain, target trigger points that cause soreness, tightness and restore mobility to the affected muscles.

Sports massage

Medical & Therapeutic Massage Therapy

If you experience pain, sciatica, TMJ, herniated discs, scoliosis, migraines, muscle spasms, whiplash injuries, chronic muscle tightness or tension, you will benefit from our medical massage therapy. We also offer holistic therapeutic massage to relieve stress, insomnia, fatigue, and others.



Myotherapy primarily focuses on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain such as sports injury, trauma or muscle contracture (myofascial pain), neuropathic pain and articular joint pain.


Health is Beauty
& Beauty is Health

We fully personalised our approach to help you enhance your look, improve your body shape and confidence, health and fitness on every level.


Never one to be complacent, Dr Ivan Puah is always seeking and gaining more knowledge and has obtained Graduate Diplomas in various medical disciplines, namely Family Practice Dermatology, Acupuncture and Sports Medicine. He believes in equipping himself with more skills so as to better provide a standard of patient care beyond just medical beauty aesthetics.



Following years in Kinesiology and subsequently a lifetime observing human structure and movement, Ronald holds an Associate Degree in Physical Therapy and has accumulated years of experience in clinical myotherapy and physical therapy. He has gained valuable clinical knowledge working with Osteopaths and Physiotherapists. He specialises in Soft Tissue Therapy, therapeutic treatment and myotherapy. He will give advice on injury prevention and prescribe relevant exercises that help the patient’s healing process by finding, isolating and releasing specific muscle and fascial tensions.

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How is fat grafting performed?

Fat is first extracted from other parts of the body after which, concentrated fat is then separated before being filled into syringes. These are then injected into the area where it is needed.

How long do results from fat grafting last?

Depending on the body and how well it responds to the procedure, results can last for years. Some patients require only a one-time treatment. This will be discussed with the doctor during consultation.

Where are my fat cells collected from?

Common areas where the fat is extracted from are the thighs and buttcoks. These areas are known to have a high density of  fat.

How are fat cells placed in my face or buttocks?

The injections are done through tiny incisions that have been strategically placed on areas to be treated. One this is done, these will be stitched up. Take note that in facial fat grafting, no stitching is needed.

Which body parts respond the best to fat grafting?

Fat grafting is suitable for most parts of the body and they respond well in terms of immediate results. The lips and laugh lines may require more than one session for results to show.

How and why is fat grafting so effective?

Fat grafting uses a patient’s own fat. Aside from reducing complications, it is also able to aid in better recovery as the chance of tissue rejection is lower. Fat cells are delicate in nature but when they are injected into the body, their chances of survival are high as new blood supply is able to grow back into them.

How much fat is needed for fat transfer?

The amount of fat that will be needed is dependent on the area being treated. It is also dependent on the amount of fat that a person’s body has. If your body does not have enough, the doctor may suggest other alternative solutions.

How long does the fat grafting procedure take?

Fat grafting procedure lasts between ONE to TWO hours depending on the area where fat is being extracted from and grafted into.

How long is recovery from fat transfer?

Recovery is expected to take between TWO days to TWO weeks. This is dependent on the area being treated and responsiveness of the body to the treatment.

How do I prepare for fat transfer?

During consultation, you will be given a list of instructions and you are advised to follow them. For those who smoke, it is advised that they cease to do so at least SIX weeks before the procedure. This will reduce risk of complications and it will also help promote quicker recovery and less scarring. It is also advisable to stop taking aspirins and medications that can increase bleeding. Do also remember to arrange for transport to and from the clinic on the day of the procedure.

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we are different

Unique Services

Whatever your reasons are to seek face, body, skin and health improvements, we get it. Because we believe Health is Beauty and Beauty is Health. We are here with you at every step of the way from the start of your treatment till recovery.

Personalised Care

No one body is the same. You are unique, and so are your concerns, needs and desires. This is why every treatment plan varies for each different patient. We listen to what you want before designing your personalised plan to meet your goals.

Patient Safety

Our patients' safety means everything to us. We uphold our accreditation from the Ministry Of Health Singapore. Cases are performed in an accredited Operating Theatre, with a team of anaesthesiologists and surgically-trained staff nurses and clinical team.

MOH-approved Operating Theatre & Post-recovery Center

Our yearly-audited MOH-approved OT is equipped with modern surgical equipment and European monitoring systems with private suites and 12-bed recovery units. It has direct hospital access and blood transfusion facilities.

Our Esteemed & Experienced Panel Of Anaesthesiologists | Amaris B. Clinic Dr Ivan Puah

Our Esteemed & Experienced Panel Of Anaesthesiologists

Performing surgeries at an accredited facility with our panel of anaesthesiologists and offering comfortable twilight sedation (no GA) allows the best possible care, safety and monitoring for you during surgery.

Dedicated Patient Care, Quality Assurance & Delivering Results | Amaris B. Clinic Dr Ivan Puah

Dedicated Patient Care, Quality Assurance & Delivering Results

Integrity, ethical, and commitment, that's our pledge to you. Dr Ivan Puah is known to patients as a pragmatic gentleman - managing realistic expectations, not overpromising and under delivering results.


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